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A year for Civil Economy

Antonio Genovesi ritratto ridIn 2013 we celebrate the 300th birthday of Antonio Genovesi, the Civil Economy's foremost theorist. Many "Genovesian" events will be held throughout the year.

Main events:

March 8 - "The Genovesian Year"'s oppening event entitled:« Antonio Genovesi: Civil Economy and Public Happiness - "the message to Italy today, 300 years after his birth" », held in his hometown, Castiglione del Genovesi (SA), Centro Studi “A. Genovesi” hall - See invitation
March 9 - « Antonio Genovesi: Economic and Civil Perspective 300 Years Later », Naples, International Conference, Naples Bank headquarters - See invitationLezioni_economia_Genovesi_rid
June 4-5 - « Public Happiness », Rome, International Symposium, Angelicum University - see registration webpage, deadline: May 10th, 2013 - see poster

June 6 - « Civil reasoning and sentiment for a human-centered economy and politics: Antonio Genovesi's teachings », Rome, International Conference, L. Sturzo Institute and LUMSA see invitation
November 14 - « Antonio Genovesi, the lombard economists leader during Italian Enlightenment », Milan, International Conference, Lombard Institute - Academy of Sciences and Letters

Download the complete program of the events in Italian

All persons wishing to participate in any of the conferences are requested to register in advance: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Links: Istituto Sturzo  Heirs

Rome: Economists debate Public Happiness

On June 5th the EoC commission interviewed Pier Luigi Porta (from HEIRS) on the two important events of the Genovesian year in Rome.

By Antonella Ferrucci

130604-05 Roma 01 Porta ridThe Public Happiness International Conference came to an end this evening in the Angelicum University in Rome. Tomorrow at the Institute Struzo, another important event of the Genovesian year will take place. Professor Porta, are you satisfied with the outcome of the event?  

Well yes. The Public Happiness conference held this week is one of HEIRS' initiatives; it has promoted events regularly every two months in the last 10 years. The association, named Happiness Economics in Interpersonal Relations, wishes to promote interpersonal relations at the foundation of the economy, and counts on collecting its rich fruits.

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