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USA - Hyde Park (NY), 20-25/06/2017

The Economy of Communion North American Association organizes the:

2017 EOC Summer School & Annual Meeting

Building an Economy of  Communion. A new vision for the Economy and Business

Eoc logoIn today’s world, globalization presents to us significant challenges such as poverty, inequality, unemployment, and forced migration… All these situations make us question if this is the world we want and if the economy can change for the better.

The Economy of Communion project (EOC) offers a new perspective facing these challenges: a new business culture where free enterprises become the cradle of a culture of giving, that fosters fraternity, social bonds, sustainability, and communion, rather than individualism and profit as an end in itself.

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EOC Featured at the 2017 World Bank Civil Society Policy Forum

On Tuesday, April 18, 2017, the Economy of Communion project (EoC) was presented at the World Bank Civil Society Policy Forum in Washington DC.

by Nick Sanna

posted on April 22, 2017 in

civil society logoThis was the first time that the EoC was featured at an event from the World Bank, a financial institution that is part of the United Nations systems and whose mission is to help reduce poverty.

51 people attended the session representing various NGOs from all over the world, World Bank employees, The International Monetary Fund, and the Bretton Woods Project. The session had the title “Impact Investment as a Tool for Social Development”.  Nick Sanna represented the EoC.

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April 6, 2017: Live Streaming of Panel Discussion on ‘Business Practices of the EoC’

USA, St. Bonaventure, NY: A panel discussion at St. Bonaventure University on Thursday, April 6, will address business practices of the EoC, an international business and societal model based on shared profits and a “culture of giving.”

published on St. Bonaventure’s website on March 28, 2017

170406 ST Bonaventure Panel ridThe program, a presentation of the William C. Foster ’62 Center for Responsible Leadership in the School of Business at St. Bonaventure, in partnership with the university’s School of Franciscan Studies, will be held at 11:30 a.m. (UTC/GMT -5) in Rigas Family Theater of the Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts.

The Economy of Communion (EoC) was started by Chiara Lubich, founder of the Focolare Movement, in response to the social problems and imbalanced economy she found on a visit to Brazil in 1991. Today, some 860 EoC businesses in more than 50 countries embrace EoC’s alternative to capitalistic systems: a sharing of profits to help combat poverty and indigence, and a commitment to work toward a common good.

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Cameroon: International EoC Conference at CUCA

Future Entrepreneurs and researchers hone their skills in the Economy of Communion.

By Sylvester Atemnkeng - Journalist

170209 10 Yahoundè Colloque EdeC 05 ridAn International Symposium on Economy of Communion organized by the Association for an Economy of Communion in Central Africa, under the theme “The Culture of Giving: an overhauling Element of the Economy for a socially supportable and Sustainable Growth ” took place at the Nkolbisson campus of the Catholic University of Central Africa, on February 9th and 10th 2017.

In his welcome speech, the Rector of the Catholic University of Central Africa, Rev. Prof. Richard FILAKOTA informed the participants that they have come for an experience of Communion because communion is the true wealth of Economy of Communion (EoC). He further highlighted that the program takes us to the very root of the Charism of Unity to rediscover the origins of the EoC.

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The EoC and One Entrepreneur’s Story

Clem Fritschi founded RIDIX in 1969. It is a leading business in the mechanical sector in Piedmonte, Italy. Communion was the determining factor of its success, growth and happiness.

published in: on 9/0/2017

Ridix Clem Fritschi ridWhile waiting to meet Pope Francis in Paul VI Hall the anticipation of the 1200 members of the Economy of Communion (EoC) was calmed by several testimonies from entrepreneurs including Clem Fritschi who began like this: “Mine is not the story of a successful man of business, but a love story. After finishing my studies in Switzerland I worked as a warehouseman in London, to learn English. That’s where I met Margherita. We fell in love and, since she’s from Turin, I decided to find work in Italy. Two years later we got married and had two children. All of a sudden the company I was working for decided to close down. Then a few colleagues and I put together our settlements in order to keep the place going.” That’s how Ridix, began, a company that has been offering cutting-edge products on the Italian market in the field of precision engineering since 1969.

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The vulnerable, front and center

How the Economy of Communion project moves beyond simple philanthropic approaches

By John Mundell

published in Living City on 01/03/2017

170204 Udienza Papa 28 ridImitating the Good Samaritan of the Gospel is not enough.” This was the heart of the message given by Pope Francis during our audience February 5 at the Vatican. It resonated among 1,200 entrepreneurs and supporters of the Economy of Communion project, gathered from around the world.

The EoC was started in 1991 by Focolare founder Chiara Lubich during a visit to São Paulo, Brazil, as a project to eradicate poverty. She proposed starting companies willing to put their profits in common for the common good, putting the EoC at the forefront of a social enterprise revolution that would soon follow in different forms.

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Not accumulate, but circulate

Opinion / Columnists - Glimpses

by Jose Ma. Montelibano

published in on 24/02/2017

Logo Inquirer PHI have written so much about poverty to make people more aware and sensitive to it. While I know that poverty in the Philippines has been a historical legacy, as it has been with almost all countries, I also know that a few have transcended it and, in fact, become world models for social and economic transformation. I refer most especially to Scandanavian countries where poverty is negligible (or non-existent). They make a good motivation for me to push until our own poor can find approximate relief from a poverty they merely inherited.

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Pope Francis Delivered The Hard Talk About The Economy That Davos Didn't

By Lawrence Chong

published in on 18/02/2017

At a time of failing governments, unraveling of the global order, rising populism 170204 Udienza Papa 26 ridand a technological wave that might replace half of the global workforce in the coming decade, further shrinking an anxious middle-class, the current design of the global economic system is in an existential crisis.

Through a thought-provoking talk about the economy on 4th of February, Pope Francis invited us to rethink about the purpose of money; to reconsider what is the purpose of helping economic victims when we should prevent more victims in the first place and how our relationships with each other should be a gift.

Rethinking the role of money, the role of technology and human dignity lie at the heart of why capitalism, as of now is failing humanity. These issues should have been seriously debated in Davos. If nothing changes in the coming years, we might be seeding a global economic apocalypse that might just send us back to the dark ages.

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A counter culture: Economy of Communion

Opinion / Columnists - Glimpses

by Jose Ma. Montelibano

published in on 10/02/2017

Logo Inquirer PHIt is not capitalistic greed that has caused the severe imbalance of wealth in the world with 1% owning as much, or more, than the 99%. More accurately, it is capitalistic greed that has found sophisticated ways of perpetuating the imbalance that has been there since all of recorded history. For those who remember to look at history in order to understand the context of the present times, I am sure that the most cursory memory will recall how emperors, kings or whatever the royalties in different societies were called then did control everything – and they were less than 1% of the populations they ruled, I am sure.

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Video - Impressions after the meeting with Pope Francis

Impressions after the meeting with Pope Francis

1200 business people, young people and specialists in the Economy of Communion met Pope Francis on the 25th anniversary of the start of the project. Here are some impressions from around the world.

Copyright 2017 © CSC Audiovisivi - All rights reserved

Video - The Economy of Communion and Pope Francis

Vatican City, February 4, 2017

1200 business people, young people and specialists in the Economy of Communion met Pope Francis on the 25th anniversary of the start of the project. He encouraged all present to develop “an economy which gives life, because it is based on sharing, includes the needy and uses profits to create communion”.

Copyright 2017 © CSC Audiovisivi – All rights reserved

Pope: reject capitalism if it makes money a god and discards the weak

The rules of the economic and social system should be changed "in favor of an economy of communion’” which "gives life, because it shares, including the poor, uses profits to create communion". Tax evasion "before being illegal acts are acts that deny the basic law of life: mutual aid".

Published in on 04/02/2017

170204 udienza papa 26 rid"When capitalism makes the seeking of profit its only purpose, it runs the risk of becoming an idolatrous framework, a form of worship" that produces " discarded people, then trying to hide them or make sure they are never seen", said Pope Francis, calling for a "change in the rules of the economic-social system" in favor of a "communion" economy, which "gives life, because it shares, including the poor, it uses the profits to create communion".

An audience on the "Economy of Communion", organized by the Focolare Movement gave Pope Francis the opportunity to reiterate the need to change an economy that neglects man and worships money as a god, "a surrogate of eternal life". " “Individual products (cars, telephones ...) get old and wear out, but if I have money or credit, I can immediately buy others, deluding myself of conquering death.”

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Being an EoC Entrepreneur: when Economy and Communion Unite

Members of the Economy of Communion initiative gathered from all over the world in Rome and met with Pope Francis on February 4th, 2017

By Nick Sanna

Published in Economy of Communion on 12/02/2017

170204 Udienza Papa 10 rid catEconomy and communion. These are two words that dominant culture keeps separate and often considers as opposites. You have united these words, by welcoming the invitation that Chiara Lubich extended to you in Brazil 25 years ago. Faced with the scandal of inequality in the city of Sao Paolo, she asked entrepreneurs to become agents of communion.” These are the words that Pope Francis used to greet the 1,100 entrepreneurs, students, and scholars of the Economy of Communion (EoC) on February 4th.

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  25. Manila, Philippines: first day of the EoC Youth Forum
  26. Philippines: The EoC Youth Forum has been opened in Manila
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EN - Asia Special 2016

Events internationalAsia Special 2016

The events of the 25th anniversary of the EoC took place in the Philippines. All related contents on this page.

Logo Asia 2016 ridThere were two main events during the week of celebration for the 25th anniversary of the EoC in the Philippines: the EoC International Youth Forum on 23-24 May 2016 at the University of Sto Tomas in Manila and the Pan-Asian EoC Congress 2016 "Economy of Communion, An Economy for All" which was held in Tagaytay City from 25 to 29 May. We collected all news contents on this page.

Go to site dedicated to the events with all materials (talks, videos, photos)

EN - #EocwiththePope


04 February 2017: An audience for the EoC world with Pope Francis

#EocwiththePope, or the extraordinary day of the audience for more than 1,100 170204 Udienza Papa 10 rid catmembers of the EoC from 54 countries with Pope Francis on 4 February 2017 in the Vatican: in addition to the text of the speech the Pope addressed to us, we will be gathering here press reviews, interviews, videos made...

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EoC PanAsian Congress 2016

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USA EoC Meeting 2015

Logo Cua Washington DC rid modA New Economy For A United World: meet. share. create. change
July 17-19, 2015
The Catholic University of America
Washington, DC

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Nairobi 2015: a site to share all related contents

Logo sito Nairobi rid modInterviews and experiences  (videos and written contents), photo galleries, PowerPoint presentations: all materials that help you re-live the events of Nairobi 2015

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Video EoC Summer School Prague 2015

150826 Praga EoC SS 11 rid sx"Let’s create our future! It is in our hands!"

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Photogallery EoC Congress 2015

150531 Nairobi Congresso EdC 76 rid modMariapolis Piero, Nairobi (Kenya)
May 27-31, 2015

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Luigino Bruni’s articles and video

Structures of Grace

Structures of grace ridJohn Gallagher, Jeanne Buckeye

New City Press, December 2014


United Nations Video

This short video was shot in occasion of the EoC presentation in the February 2012 UN Conference on Poverty Eradication.


Ottmaring 2013

Community Ottmaring

4th Encounter of entrepreneurs and managers of the Economy of Communion from Northern and Eastern Europe

24th to 27th October 2013 - Center of Encounter Ottmaring, Germany

THE DYNAMIC OF GIVING A way into the future for companies, the economy and the common good


Here the invitation

Video - EoC in 5 words

video Eoc 5 words mod

Presentation by Luigino Bruni to the Faculty of the Ateneo De Manila University. Manila, Philippines, September 23, 2011

Message of the Youth

“From San Paolo to the World”
That economics in 2031 may be one of communion, for us and for all...


Guidelines for conducting an EoC business

Binari_rid_modThe Economy of Communion proposes the following "Guidelines for conducting a business", to productive organizations who adhere to its message and its culture, written in the light of the life and thought of thousands of entrepreneurs and workers....

The economy of giving

Chiara_Lubich_1Chiara Lubich

«Unlike the consumerist economy, based on a culture of having, the economy of communion is the economy of giving.... 

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