• 2017 EoC Report

    At last! The 2017 EoC Report is now available in a completely innovative form. Watch the video and find out more via the Info Sheet.


  • A competition to promote "Prophetic Economies”

    The "best practices" competition linked to the international event "Prophetic Economy", which will take place from 2 to 4 November 2018, is now under way. The jury will be composed of: Vandana Shiva, Jeff Sachs, Cristina Calvo and Stefano Zamagni..


  • Slovenia: "new men and women" are formed at the “Ray of Sun” Kindergarten

    In Slovenia there is an organisation that considers education a basic lever for a sustainable future and harmonious humanity.


  • Ireland: LLI, a great school of English and not only...

    Language Learning International, an EoC English language school in Ireland: the quality of relationships has been at the centre for 28 years


  • Prophetic Economy...between the “already” and the “not yet”

    The International Event “Prophetic Economy” promoted by the EoC and several associations and movements intending to respond to the cry of the world and the poor will take place in Castel Gandolfo, Rome from 2 to 4 November 2018.


  • EoC-IIN Coordinators from 14 Countries in Loppiano

    Two years after its launch, three days of intense work for the coordinators of the worldwide network of EoC incubators, to discover the elements of value and uniqueness it bears.


  • Cameroon: 1st Congress of EoC Entrepreneurs

    “Entrepreneurship a vocation for a new generation” this was the theme of the coming together of 27th January 2018.

    Read more..

  • Volunteers seek to build modern dairy farm in West Africa

    Seven Irishmen and one brave girl travelled to Burkina Faso to practically help develop an EoC project: the cronicle from an Irish Newspaper

    Read more..

  • EoC Startup Booster Week - Europe

    Paris, April 28 to May 2, 2018 : accelerate your business with the Economy of Communion Network! Call for project, deadline February 28, 2018

    Read more..  

  • Irish EoC members bound for Burkina Faso

    Project supported financially by Irish EOC business will now get 'hands on' treatment as group travels to builds a dairy

    Read more...  

  • Bratislava: the Eastern European EoC Network is Born

    Representatives from 14 Eastern European countries met to get to know each other, discuss and form a network


  • Spiga Dorata, Brazil: Bread with Great Added Value

    The Story of a Company with a Purely EoC DNA

    Read more... 

  • EoC Italian Youth Section: Awareness, Accepting, Acting

    An incredible and explosive mix! Creativity, dignity, stories, words, sharing, stimuli, examples. That’s a possible summary of the second stage of the EoC Youth Section. The story of a protagonist

  • EoC, "together" for Europe

    The Seventh European Congress of the Economy of Communion was held last weekend in Rotselaar, Belgium.


  • Madagascar: the EoC AMI Startup is growing

    After the EoC Startup Lab in Fontem promoted by the EoC-IIN this past June, the Malagasy company AMI tells us about their progress...


  • Brussels: The EoC in the European Parliament today

    This afternoon, as part of the "World Day for the Eradication of Poverty", Florencia Locascio will present the experience of the Economy of Communion


  • Argentina: when the EoC and tourism meet

    Two important recognitions to the EoC Sustainable Tourism Project "Conectando destinos, uniendo personas".


  • #EoC-IIN presents online platform

    Dedicated to the incubation of new EoC companies, the EoC-IIN international network is now consolidated and its online platform www.eoc-iin.org is presented


  • Melbourne: EoC, a People-Centered Approach for the Economy

    On August 23, 2017 Lawrence Chong presented EoC in Melbourne: very positive feedback despite the wide range of backgrounds of people attended


  • Germany: entrepreneurs visiting in Leverkusen

    First steps towards the founding of an Association of Entrepreneurs of the Economy of Communion in Germany...


  • EoC Startup Lab, an african laboratory of communion

    Cameroon, Fontem: 55 African Startuppers, bearers of 30 Projects spend 5 days in the incubation laboratory with 12 tutors from different horizons (7 Africans, 5 Europeans, 1 South American)

    Read more...  -  Icona Flickr ridgo to the photogallery (day 1)Icona Flickr ridgo to the photogallery (all days)

  • EoC North America: an incubator for new businesses

    The North American EoC Annual Meeting was held at Hyde Park (NY). The title was: “Building an Economy of Communion. A New Vision for the Economy and Business


  • United Nations: New Humanity featured the Tassano Consortium

    Tassano Consortium featured on May 24, 2017 in the Side Event on Public Private Interfaces Forum on Financing for Development, United Nations


  • Fontem, Cameroon: EoC StartUp Lab 2017

    #Eoc-iin: For a new generation of companies with a spirit of communion in Africa: the EoC StartUp Lab 2017 will take place from 19 to 24 June: 40 entrepreneurial projects from 10 African states, selected to participate at the incubation laboratory of the Economy of Communion.


  • EoC International Research Summer School 2017

    Are you a young scholar or a PhD student in Economics and Management? Or are you writing your thesis about the Economy of Communion? This Summer School is for you!
    Last days to sign up: deadline for abstract submission: June 15, 2017

    Read more...   Call for Papers   Image Save The Date (1.78 MB)

  • EOC Featured at the 2017 World Bank Civil Society Policy Forum 

    On Tuesday, April 18, 2017, the Economy of Communion project (EoC) was presented at the World Bank Civil Society Policy Forum in Washington DC.


  • Cameroon: International EoC Conference at CUCA

    Future Entrepreneurs and researchers hone their skills in the Economy of Communion.


  • The 2016 EoC Report is out now

    The 2016 EoC Report is now available online.

      pdf Download the Report (2.11 MB)  

  • #EoCwiththePope: all related contents

    On #EocwihthePope we have included Pope Francis' address in text and video format and all of the media cover of the event, grouped according to languages...

    go to:   #EocwiththePope_IT #EocwiththePope_ES  #EocwiththePope_EN #EocwiththePope_PT #EocwiththePope_FR #EocwiththePope_DE

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2017 EoC Report

Report 2017 EN

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United Nations Video

This short video was shot in occasion of the EoC presentation in the February 2012 UN Conference on Poverty Eradication.


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2018 EOC Annual Meeting

Creighton Univ rid mod

This year’s North American Meeting of the Economy of Communion (EoC) will be held at Creighton University in Omaha Nebraska, on Oct. 5-6, 2018. Stay tuned!

Prophetic Economy Awards

A Lexicon of Social Well-Being

A Lexicon of social well being ridLuigino Bruni

Palgrave Pivot, April 2015


Greater Than Guilt

Logo Samuele rid mod

The series of comments by Luigino Bruni on Samuel's books comes out every Sunday on Avvenire

Go to the complete series

Structures of Grace

Structures of grace ridJohn Gallagher, Jeanne Buckeye

New City Press, December 2014


The economy of giving

Chiara_Lubich_1Chiara Lubich

«Unlike the consumerist economy, based on a culture of having, the economy of communion is the economy of giving.... 

The Economics of Values-Based Organisations

The economics of Values Based Organization ridLuigino Bruni, Alessandra Smerilli

Routledge, July 2014


The Genesis and Ethos of the Market

The Genesis and Ethos of the market ridLuigino Bruni

Palgrave Macmillan, September 2012


Video - EoC in 5 words

video Eoc 5 words mod

Presentation by Luigino Bruni to the Faculty of the Ateneo De Manila University. Manila, Philippines, September 23, 2011

The Wound and the Blessing

Wound blessingLuigino Bruni

Economics, Relationships, and Happiness

New City Press, 2012


Guidelines for conducting an EoC business

Binari_rid_modThe Economy of Communion proposes the following "Guidelines for conducting a business", to productive organizations who adhere to its message and its culture, written in the light of the life and thought of thousands of entrepreneurs and workers....

The “Identification Card” of the EoC

logo_edc_benvThe Economy of Communion (EoC) is a movement that involves entrepreneurs, workers, directors, consumers, savers, scholars, economic workers, poor and citizens, families, and was launched by Chiara Lubich in May of 1991 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Economy and Communion Meet

What is the Economy of Communion? Here is a synthesis of the DVD "Economy and Communion Meet" (only available in Italian) ©Charisma Productions, 2007

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