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Happy 27th Birthday, EoC!

Best wishes to all those who continue to live for an "Economy of Communion” every day. 27 anni EdC FL rid

On 29 May 1991, Chiara Lubich launched the EoC "bomb" in Brazil and the wonderful movement of the "Economy of Communion" began its adventure. Twenty-seven years after that day, we wish happy EoC birthday to all those who, in their everyday lives, think that an economy with and for the poorest is still possible. They are workers, entrepreneurs, young people, students and citizens of the world, here on this earth and in heaven. Let us continue to believe together that a more united and just world is possible! Happy birthday to all of you, and thank you, Chiara, for the beautiful gift of this prophecy that continues to give hope to the world.

Happy Easter 2018!

Inside Crucifixes

Auguri Pasqua 2018 rid 400If there is (and there is) 
a joy of living,
it will be waiting for us
beyond the illusions,
as soon as we have learnt
to find the resurrections
inside crucifixes.

Luigino Bruni

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Merry Christmas 2017!

Christmas, passion and resurrection yesterday and today

Natale 2017 rid

Tradition has always interpreted the scene of the birth of Jesus as a proclamation of his passion and resurrection: his people who do not recognize him and do not host him, the shining light of the cave that attracts the shepherds, life that defeats death, the cave and the sepulchre, Mary’s stabat. Jesus the naked child just like he will be when he is crucified. We do not understand Christmas without Golgotha, nor Golgotha without Christmas. As we rejoice for Jesus who returns, let us not abandon the crucifixes of this night, which await our company to be able to hope for a resurrection.

Merry Christmas from the EoC team!

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Ciao Carmen!

Carmen Bollea De Santos, Argentinian entrepreneur from Tucuman left us yesterday early morning.

by Carmen de Amarillo

Carmen Bollea 01 ridIt's not easy to describe Carmen. If I had to pick one word, it would be "cyclone". Wherever she showed up she revolutionized everything ... And she managed to be everywhere: at the birthday of the bishop's mother, in the field, in the Federation of Argentinean Businessmen, in the EoC meetings... She was interested in everything and she wanted to record everything. She never gave up until she managed to keep going.

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Merry Christmas 2016!

For Christmas 2016 we would like to send our greetings to you in the form of Luigino Bruni's experience from these past days. Merry Christmas from the entire EoC Team!

2016 Auguri Natale"...the Lord has anointed me  
to bring good news to the poor; 
he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted"
(Isaia, 61).

Today, passing near Padua, I had dinner sitting next to an old lady, Rita, about 90 years old. We exchanged a few words, and she told me this: "I'm here to spend Christmas. My two children have not invited me to their house at Christmas for years. And so this year instead of crying at home alone, I thought I would travel 300 km away to stay in this hotel."

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Farewell Paulo and thank you from the entire EoC

Paulo Melo passed away on Monday night after a very rapid disease. His contribution to the flowering of the EoC in Congo has been substantial.

by Antonella Ferrucci

Paulo Melo is one of those people who leave a sign to us through their lives - a trail of light would be a fitting expression - wherever they operate and the type of person each of us would like to meet along the way. Currently in charge of the Focolare Movement in Portugal together with Teresa Guedes, he died on Monday night after less than three weeks of having received the diagnosis of his merciless disease.

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Leo Andringa: infinite thanks!

This morning, on the birthday of Chiara Lubich, Leo Andringa has run its course and joined her in heaven.

Leo 250 ridLeo Andringa (Holland) has been a member of the International EoC Commission from the very beginning and has always worked for the project and supported it. In 2008, once they were free from work commitments, he and his wife Anneke moved to Castelli Romani, near the International Centre of the Focolare Movement to work for the EoC full time.

It 'impossible to express in a few words what Leo meant for the Economy of Communion. What we can say now is that he was an economist and a man of communion indeed, a testifier of the culture of giving, a pioneer of the EoC. Luigino Bruni wrote about him, "He is one of the best people I've ever met, an immense gift for me and for the Economy of Communion".

The news of his departure spread very quickly in the EoC world and from every corner of the earth moving signs of gratitude and affection for him are coming: from all of the EoC world infinite thanks to Leo!

Merry Christmas 2015!

Christmas is above all a message of love renewed every year that tells us that life is greater, that the good is more profound and true than the evil. And we can continue to hope. Our best wishes to all EoC members.

by Luigino Bruni

Natività 2015 ridDearest all, this year Christmas comes to a wounded world.

Nature suffers because of an unsustainable model of economic development which is not one of communion, it is not scaled to suit the most fragile groups and children.

Global peace is threatened by a new fundamentalism that uses religious texts for political and economic interests, fuelled by western countries that continue to sell weapons to peoples at war.

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Polo Solidaridad: Communion Gets Moving

An update on the situation of the flood that hit the business park and the Mariapolis Lia, and the ways to work together - by the Argentine EoC Association.

150808 OHiggins Inondazione Polo 06 ridDear friends of the EoC, we would like to tell you in detail about the situation in the business park, in every house and company, because we know that everything that happens we live through together and that many are praying for us and wish to contribute.

Jorge Perrín, from Polo Solidaridad, tells us: ‘Solidarity among us is "naturally" extraordinary. The only machines that can move around are the tractor - Pepe (Marin)'s vehicle - and the small bus of the little town. So they are always around taking people to work, to school, they go to the grocery store for everyone, or carry goods to be delivered, etc.

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Polo Solidaridad: Flood Emergency

The situation is still serious after the floods of recent days at the Argentinean EoC's business park Polo Solidaridad, located in the vicinity of Mariapolis Lia at O'Higgins

by Antonella Ferrucci

150808 OHiggins Inondazione Polo 01 ridThere was an email circulating among the members of the Polo Solidaridad and a few hours after a post appeared on facebook: "Solidarity with Polo Solidaridad". This is how we learned about the serious flood that hit Polo Solidaridad and Mariapolis Lia O'Higgins (Argentina) in the last few days.

We asked Carolina Carbonell how the situation is currently: "The Mariapoli and the business park are currently isolated because the water has risen up to 80 cm on some points of the road taking there. Until last Saturday it was accessible with some difficulty, but not anymore."

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