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Pianta eoc iin ridEoC-IIN is an international organisation expressed in the form of a network for the incubation of new companies with the spirit of communion, with hubs present on various continents, which offer various services in the incubation process with the hallmark of generosity (gratuitousness) and reciprocity. Logo Eoc iin 01 rid rid

EoC – IIN is a collective expression of the typical EoC cultural imprint: entrepreneurs and professionals who donate their talent and experience to facilitate the growth of a new generation of entrepreneurs.

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EoC Startup Lab, an african laboratory of communion

Cameroon, Fontem: 55 African Startuppers, bearers of 30 Projects spend 5 days in the incubation laboratory with 12 tutors from different horizons (7 Africans, 5 Europeans, 1 South American)

by Michel Mbengya and Steve Azeumo

170620 24 Fontem EoC Start up Lab 04 rid 300After a tough preparation, 55 young entrepreneurs from the D. R. of Congo, Angola, Uganda, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Burkina-Faso, Madagascar, Benin and Holland met in Fontem on 19th June 2017. It was the beginning of the very first Startup Lab Africa at the Mafua Ndem Mariapolis Centre – in Cameroon. 10 nations, with 55 participants, were present for this Laboratory and 30 projects presented according to Economy of Communion values. From day 1, several instances contributed to the solemn opening of this event, such as the presentation of different delegations, followed by the welcome address of the Senior Divisional Officer for Lebialem division who outlined, in his speech, the interest of this pioneer international event.

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US calling Africa: two EoC Summer Schools have started

Two important events for the training of the young generations in the EoC were officially opened today: the first EoC Summer School taking place in the US and the EoC Start Lab 2017 in Cameroon

by Antonella Ferrucci

150717 19 Washington EoC Meeting 05 ridThey will surely find the way to connect, despite the difficulty of the time difference (7 hours) because it is just too interesting to have such a coincidence of dates and so the possibility to talk together. We are talking about the two major EoC events taking place from 20 June (today) at two little towns of the Focolare Movement: the Mariapolis Luminosa in the USA (Hyde Park, NY) and the little town of Fontem in Cameroon.

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Fontem, Cameroon: EoC StartUp Lab 2017

#Eoc-iin: For a new generation of companies with a spirit of communion in Africa

by Maria Florencia Locascio

170617 Fontem .EoC StartUpLab 02 ridjThe EoC StartUp Lab 2017 will take place from 19 to 24 June: 40 entrepreneurial projects from 10 African states, selected to participate at the incubation laboratory of the Economy of Communion. The projects were chosen from among more than 60, based on their social impact and the style of communion that distinguishes them. The EoC StartUp Lab will take place in the heart of the Cameroon jungle at the Little Town of the Focolare Movement in Fontem, a small village animated by the spirit of communion: a stimulating environment for thinking about a new economy.

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#Eoc-iin, Brazil: PROFOR's Startups

A first successful experiment of Eoc-iin, a collaboration with AMU and ANPECOM, in the story of the protagonists

by Tamara Pastorelli

pubblished in Unitedworldproject on 04/04/2017170118 Eoc iin Profor 01 rid

"We looked around, and noted that there are many people in vulnerable social situations," says Clézia Maria Pinto de Santana, the person in charge of ANPECOM projects. "Perhaps many of them had ideas and good will, but no adequate training to creating and running a business. This inspired us to try to support them, drawing on our experience."

Maria Clézia, "Dima" to her friends, was involved in a very unique way in the Project: "I had just retired after working for 40 years in a bank that financed the economic development in my region. One day, I got a phone call from ANPECOM: they proposed me to set out an area that did not exist yet: the ‘Projects’ sector, to create the possibility of giving birth to other businesses inspired by the values of the Economy of Communion."  

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EoC-IIN Uganda: Life That Generates life

From the first EoC Initiatives born after the Nairobi Congress in 2015, the Ugandan EoC-IIN Hub is developing rapidly.

by Redazione web

Published in Focolare.org on 20/02/2017

Rita Najjingo ridUgandan business woman Rita Najjingo was among the 1,200 business owners and researchers of economy who were welcomed by Pope Francis on February 4, twenty five years from the start of the Economy of Communion Project (EoC). Seventy three percent of Rita’s country is made up of young people between the ages of 18 and 30, 47% of whom are unemployed. “Many of them try to set up small manufacturing activities,” Rita reports, “but because of a lack of capital and management skills, their businesses fail from start.”

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The state of the EoC-IIN network

In this brief presentation you can see the state of the EoC-IIN network, at the end of the first year of its existence.

A few months after its launch in March 2016, the EoC-IIN network is starting to become reality. Even if we are aware of being only at the beginning of this new EoC adventure, we are happy to note that the first steps have been made: now we have to continue on the path! Happy New Year from the EoC-IIN International Office !



Cameroon: The First Steps of the EoC-IIN Hub

Cameroon:  business incubation, training for the young, connections with universities and an EoC life that goes on.

By Steve Azeumo and Nji Mabih

Banner AECAC 300 ridSince the lunching of EoC IIN in Cameroon, as it had been planned before, we have launched the EoC association named “AECAC", Action for an Economy of Communion in Central Africa; with a permanent Secretariat in Yaoundé and access points in Buea and Douala.

We’ve also launched the CRECentre for Entrepreneurial Resources" in a co-working space shared by us and an EoC company. This actual and real EoC-IIN Hub is now gathering entrepreneurs' competences, creating a human resources network and establishing contact between young people with business ideas and experienced entrepreneurs.

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Camagüey - Cuba 21-23/11/2016

Registrations are ongoing now for the meeting organised by GESTAR, an EoC company dedicated to the training and assistance of new Cuban entrepreneurs:

International meeting of entrepreneurs and new forms of management

161121 Cuba21-23 November 2016
Casa Diocesana “La Merced”
Camagüey, Cuba

The objectives are twofold: on the one hand to promote good practices in Cuban companies from the perspective of economy of solidarity and communion, and on the other to exchange experiences, create networks of entrepreneurs and discover new business opportunities.

The meeting will be organized around five topics: the management of enterprises; the cooperative; social economy, economy of solidarity and the responsibility of enterprises; sustainable cultural tourism; and women entrepreneurs.

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EoC-INN, Portugal scored a goal!

The second part of the "Bootcamp for an Entrepreneurship of Communion" was held at Giosi di Abrigada from 25 to 26 June: 8 business projects are now ready to start.

by Rebeca Gomez Tafalla

160624 25 Abrigada Bootcamp 01 ridDeveloping entrepreneurial skills through the method of communion: the young and dynamic team of trainers returns from the two Bootcamps of June in Portugal, and it seems to have found its own strategy and, like the ancient Portuguese navigators, it drew a "map" of the journey that, in two weekends, allowed as many as 8 entrepreneurial projects to be realised, ready for being implemented. The remarkable results achieved with this innovative method of learning have attracted the attention of other groups of the Economy of Communion (in Brazil, Slovakia and the Philippines) provoking a desire to replicate the experience.

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Portugal: the first steps of Eoc-iin

The first part of the "Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Communion" was held on 4th and 5th June at Giosi Guella Business Park, in Abrigada. There were 20 participants.

by Ana and Mário Maia Matos

160604 05 Abrigada Bootcamp 06 ridThe idea of the Bootcamp comes from inside RAISE, the EoC-AMU social Project to fight unemployment, which began last September and aims to help people find a job. Some of them who have an entrepreneurial instinct are also helped to create their own company with a real incubation process of which the Bootcamp is a first act. The opportunity to participate was also open to other potential entrepreneurs and they were very enthusiastic to join the initiative after having heard about it in the last possible moment. With this first concrete realization Polo Giosi becomes a first operational hub of EoC-iin, the international entrepreneurship support network which was born in Loppiano last March.

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The EoC-IIN Network Is Born!

At Loppiano, representatives from around the EoC world have designed the new era of the Economy of Communion, finding EoC-IIN the best instrument to reach out to all the possible candidates for the EoC

by Antonella Ferrucci

160310 12 Loppiano Commissioni Edc 33 ridEoC-IIN, that is, EoC International Incubating Network: this is the name chosen to designate the international network of entrepreneurship support, set up on 12 March at the height of an intense work meeting that lasted three days and was held in Loppiano. 80 people from 26 countries – from a wide range of places from various African countries to Korea and the Philippines, from Brazil to Argentina, from Mexico to the United States and almost all European countries gathered to meet representing EoC organisations around the world - commissions, associations and business parks, after preparation works taking place both locally and centrally over the past months; with a significant representation of the youth. The purpose of the meeting was to create a project capable of meeting the challenges of today, and do this in the year of the 25th anniversary of the EoC, thus giving rise to a new era of the EoC all around the world.

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