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Call for papers: Prizes and Virtues

HEIRS and LUMSA University organize:

Prizes and Virtues

an interdisciplinary workshop

Logo Moneta FelicitasLUMSA University, Rome – April 10-11, 2017

To an economist, a prize, such as a golden medal, is merely a special type of incentive. Any other kind of social scientist would be perplexed by thinking of the Nobel Prize, or of the Medal of Honour, in these terms.

In contemporary neoclassical economics, the concept of incentive is a primitive, similar to that of “utility”, “price”, “production” or “consumption”, that all economists use but none feels the need to define: it is a foundation, or a corner stone, of the science of economics. However, if we tried to articulate what economists mean by incentives, we would probably find that they are considered as any “motivation” for adhering to and for complying with some form of contract.

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Call for papers: Driven by Hope: Economics and Theology in Dialogue

The Institute for Leadership and Social Ethics (ILSE) and the Erasmus Happiness Economics Research Organisation (EHERO) organize the conference:

Driven by Hope: Economics and Theology in Dialogue

Pianta 250Leuven (Belgium) - February 24–25, 2017

Hope is a driving force for transformation, innovation, economic growth and wellbeing. Hope, often articulated as “an endorsed desire for an uncertain future event”, has a clear economic significance as do the unfortunate opposites have such as anxiety and inertness.

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Call for papers: Public Happiness

Interdisciplinary Conference

Logo Moneta Felicitas4-5 June, 2013
St. Thomas Aquinas University

Largo Angelicum, 1
00184 Roma

Public happiness was one of the mottos of the European classic school of political and civil economy, particularly on the Continent. This expression underlined the natural social dimension of human happiness, and the analysis of the link between economy and welfare as the main subject of the newborn economic science. Currently, happiness studies mainly emphasize individual well-being, and its connections with other economic and social variables.

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Call for papers: Conflict, dialogue and the culture of unity

John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, U.I. Sophia, and Focolare movement - Centre for Dialogue with contemporary culture organize:

Conflict, dialogue and the culture of unity

An International Interdisciplinary Congress

logo KulLublin (Poland)
June 3-4, 2016

  pdf Download Call for papers (686 KB)

Interdisciplinary Congress for the 20th anniversary of Chiara Lubich’s Honorary Doctorate Degree in the social sciences at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (Poland)

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Call for papers: Seminario 2013 sul principio di fraternità

 Seminario 2013 sul principio di fraternità

“La fraternità come principio relazionale giuridico e politico”

Logo_Sem_fraternita_rid11-12-13 marzo 2013
Istituto Universitario Sophia
Località Loppiano
Via San Vito 28
50064 Incisa In Val d'Arno (FI)

L’interesse per il tema della fraternità, intesa non come relazione parentale o come legame interno ad una comunità, ma come principio di pensiero e di azione nello spazio pubblico, è cresciuto grandemente negli ultimi anni a livello internazionale, come testimoniano le numerose recenti pubblicazioni che se ne occupano.

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Call for papers: Vulnerability and Gift in Economics and Business

HEIRS, U.I. Sophia, Spes Europe and Grace organize:

Vulnerability and Gift in Economics and Business

An interdisciplinary conference

Logo Vulnerability 2015Loppiano (Florence)
April 22-23, 2016

Download Call for papers

The Theme - Communities and organizations that have preserved their creative and fruitful character over time have been able to live with members’ vulnerability to fellows’ wounds; they have not eliminated it entirely from their territories but have found ways for coping with it. Vulnerability (from Latin vulnus: wound), like many true words of the human realm, is ambivalent, because good vulnerability coexists with bad vulnerability, and often the two are intertwined.

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Call for papers: Il dono e lo Stato

legame interpersonale e sociale. Un dialogo interdisciplinare

Il convegno è organizzato da Ricerca sul dono e Università LUMSA di Palermo

Logo_Lumsa9-10 novembre 2012 
Università LUMSA
Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza di Palermo 

Dopo  i  primi  due  convegni  sul  dono,  quello  del  18 e 19 settembre  del  2008,  presso  l’Università  di Milano-Bicocca, dal titolo “Il dono: le sue ambivalenze e i suoi paradossi. Un dialogo interdisciplinare”, e quello  del  16 e 17  settembre  del  2010,  presso  l’Università  di  Macerata,  dal  titolo  “Il  dono:  valore  di legame e valori umani. Un dialogo interdisciplinare”, intendiamo riprendere e sviluppare il dibattito sulla questione  del  dono,  questa  volta  approfondendo,  ancora  una  volta  in  prospettiva  interdisciplinare,  il tema della possibile applicazione pubblica del paradigma del dono. 

scarica call for paper

Scadenza presentazione Abstracts: 1° giugno 2012

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Call for papers - HEIRS International Conference 2016

HEIRS, University of Rome Tor Vergata and LUMSA University organize the conference:

Life Satisfaction and Social Optimum:

The challenge between subjective and objective wellbeing indicators

Logo HEIRS 02 300 ridROME – 15-16 March, 2016

Subjective wellbeing indicators are widely used in several disciplines to measure overall satisfaction in order to overcome limits and loopholes of traditional objective indicators. Researcher and policymakers have both a keen interest in understanding how subjective and objective indicators compare, how they perform and differ and how they can be used to assess the impact of policy-making.

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Call for papers: Nonmonetary incentives and economic behavior

CISEPS and HEIRS, in collaboration with the Economics Department of Milano-Bicocca, are organizing the workshop:

Non-Monetary Incentives and Economic Behavior

Logo_heirsCenter for Interdisciplinary Studies in Economics, Psychology & Social Sciences organizes a workshop on Non-Monetary Incentives and Economic Behavior at the University of Milan -Bicocca on May 24, 2012. The aim of the workshop is to cover experiments dealing with economic behavior in different disciplines that use non‐monetary incentives for rewarding participants. We are interested also in work in progress, ideas and designs, in addition to completed experiments. The deadline for submitting a paper is March 10, 2012

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Call for papers: Economics, Health and Happiness

The Department of Business Economics, Health & Social Care of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland, HEIRS and SSPH+ jointly organize the conference:

Economics, Health and Happiness

Logo Lugano EHHLugano – January 14, 15, 16th 2016

Individual well-being is under pressure nowadays as people are becoming increasingly exposed to many sources of stress. Changes in socio-demographic (i.e. population aging) and epidemiological trends (with the increase in chronic diseases), and changes in labor force participation patterns (especially for women), affect family and inter-personal relationships. In addition to this, the retrenchment of the welfare state and the recent economic recession have contributed to reducing the resources available to families and individuals.

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Nonmonetary incentives and economic behavior: the program

CISEPS and HEIRS, in collaboration with the Economics Department of Milano-Bicocca, are organizing the workshop:

Non-Monetary Incentives and Economic Behavior

Logo_CisepsThursday, May 24, 10am-7pm
University of Milano Bicocca
Building U7, Aula del Consiglio, 4th floor
Piazza Ateneo Nuovo 1,
20126 Milano

Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Economics, Psychology & Social Sciences organizes a workshop on Non-Monetary Incentives and Economic Behavior at the University of Milan -Bicocca on May 24, 2012. The aim of the workshop is to cover experiments dealing with economic behavior in different disciplines that use non‐monetary incentives for rewarding participants. Now is available the programme.

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Call for Research Projects: “Tuscany: a Global Laboratory for Quality of Life”

Towards Expo 2015

Logo Tuscany GLQL crop sxTuscany Region, in harmony with the Expo 2015 (Feeding the Earth) and in collaboration with Toscana Promozione, Polo Lionello BonfantiE. di C. Spa and professors from all Tuscany Universities, launches an international call for young researchers for research projects on Quality of Life. This call is interdisciplinary and it is addressed to young researchers in all social sciences.

We intend to attract young scholars to work on their own projects under the supervision of international experts on Quality of Life. The aim of this initiative is to establish a network of researchers to promote studies on Quality of Life.

Download Call for research projects_TQOL

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Call for papers: Mercado y felicidad

Econometica y HEIRS, en colaboración con el Departamento de Economía de la Universidad Bicocca de Milán y el IREC (International Reviews of Economics), organizan la conferencia internacional:

Mercado y Felicidad

¿Las interacciones económicas desplazan a las virtudes civiles y a las capacidades humanas?

Logo_heirs8-9 junio de 2011
Universidad Bicocca de Milán

call for papers (el plazo para la presentación electrónica termina el 10 de febrero de 2011)

El objetivo de la conferencia es suscitar aportaciones sobre la relación entre bienestar, interacciones económicas, virtudes y capacidades humanas.

Ponentes principales:

Martha Nussbaum, Bruno Frey, Robert Sugden, Irene Van Staveren, Stefano Zamagni 

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Call for papers: Economic Theology, Theological Economics

Interdisciplinary Conference

Logo Economic TheologyMay 20-21, 2014
Lumsa University

In  writers and philosophers  like Shakespeare, Marx, Weber, Benjamin, Bataille, Girard, and more recently Taylor, Pasolini, Dumont, Agamben, the link between economy and religion, or more to the point, Christianity and Capitalism, has occupied a central theoretical place.

In late XX century, in particular after the fall of communism, the religious nature of capitalism has been disregarded.

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Call for papers RES 3/2011: Christian economic models

Call for papers RES 3/2011

Christian economic models

logo_resThe liberal economic system requires clear prevailing conditions based on ethical principles. Not only the recent economic crisis, but also a whole range of other long-term issues (particularly the ecology) demand a new orientation. Appropriate solutions for these issues can emerge from theoretical reflection on the one hand, but they can also follow certain concrete models which attempt to cope with the complexity of the human nature.

Do the Christian tradition and theology offer such models? And if they do, are those models suitable for smaller groups, or do they also provide with ideas and experiences which challenge and enrich the economic theory as a whole?

Deadline: 15th of may 2011

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Las parteras de Egipto









 Luigino Bruni - abril 2017

Editorial Ciudad Nueva Colección "Biblia y temas de hoy"

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El valor de los valores

argiolas tapawebGiuseppe Argiolas

Editorial Ciudad Nueva, Buenos Aires 2016

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El árbol de la vida

ElarboldelavidaBruni, Luigino

Editorial Ciudad Nueva, abril 2016

Colección "Biblia y temas de hoy"

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memoria 2014 15 250

Un año de vida de la EdC, estrategias y perspectivas de futuro. Descarga la   pdf Memoria EdC 2014/2015 (2.66 MB)
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Nairobi 2015: un lugar dedicado a todos los contenidos

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Vídeo Resumen 2014 EdC España

365!La EdC en España va abriéndose camino!

Revive con nosotros los buenos momentos pasados juntos en este 2014.

2013 - Un año de vida de la EdC en España

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El dado de la empresa

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Líneas para dirigir una empresa de Economía de Comunión

Binari_rid_modLa Economía de Comunión propone a las organizaciones productivas que siguen su mensaje y su cultura, las siguientes “líneas para dirigir una empresa”, escritas a la luz de la vida y la reflexión de miles de empresarios y trabajadores....
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Por una economía del bien común

por-una-economia-del-bien-comun ridZamagni, Stefano

 Editorial Ciudad Nueva, abril 2012

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Public Happiness

Interdisciplinary Conference


see registration webpage, deadline: May 10th, 2013

"Del elemento ético..."


"...como factor intrínseco de las leyes económicas””

Giuseppe Toniolo

Introducción al Curso de Economía Política pronunciada el 5 de diciembre de 1873 en la Universidad de Padua
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