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"A new economy for a fairer world"

26-31 August, 2014
Citadel of Arny
91680 Bruyères-le-Chatel (France, Paris)

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The 2014 EoC Summer School in Paris: a real "shower of hope"!

In Arny, the 2014 Paris Summer School has ended

by Giuseppe Ruggiero

On the fourth day of the summer school, Anouk Grevin, professor 140830-31 SS Parigi 30 ridat the University of Nantes delivered a talk. Anouk told us about the practices of management in the EoC companies and, with shining eyes, encouraged us to cultivate the dimension of gift.

Giving gifts in one's work, like an unpaid extra hour, is a common practice but it is rarely recognised or rewarded.  Sometimes a simple ‘thank you’ or a smile is enough to make a difference between a wound and a relationship of reciprocity. According to Anouk, the future of corporations will not depend on order and control anymore, but on organised liberty and responsibility.

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Summer School in Paris: the adventure continues

On the 2nd and 3rd day of school, the "dream team" of the 2014 Paris Summer School was given some challenging tasks

by Giuseppe Ruggiero

140828-29 SS Parigi 02 ridThe second day of the 2014 summer school was closed at the foot of the most famous tower of the world, the Tour Eiffel. Right under the gigantic steel tower, the young participants are chilling out after the interesting lecture by Professor Benedetto Gui, from the Department of Economy at the University of Padua. Their chatter is seasoned with laughs and their dialogues start in one language and finish in another (yes, there are at least four languages that are used simultaneously here!).

In his presentation, the professor broke down one of the most commonly held paradigms of our age and showed us how the increasing of economic wealth often happens at the cost of human relationships and well-being.

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Arny: the 2014 EoC Summer School has finally started!

In the smiling citadel of Arny finally starts the EOC Summer School 2014!

by Giuseppe Ruggiero

140827 SS Parigi 01 ridOur venue is surrounded by the green hills of the French countryside 40 km from Paris and a lot of fraternité. The group of participants consists of 40 young people from Europe, Africa, Asia and America and is supported by an impeccable staff, as well as entrepreneurs and professors of international calibre.

It is precisely the latter to welcome us in this gloomy morning. Anouk Grevin, professor of management at the University of Nantes – France -; Vittorio Pelligra, entrepreneur and professor of economics at Cagliari – Italy -; Benedetto Gui, Professor of Economics at Padua – Italy - and Luigino Bruni, professor at LUMSA of Rome and columnist of the Italian newspaper Avvenire.

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Summer School: an Experience of Communion

Testimony by Ernesto Figueredo from Cuba, one year after the EoC International Summer School 2013 in Madrid

by Ernesto Figueredo

Cuba SS 1We belong to the same family. His name is Fabio, he is Italian, and four days before taking this photo together we didn't even know each other. So how come we are so closely connected now? It's called communion, it's called fraternity. It's a phenomenon that unites people even if they live far away from each other and speak different languages. This dimension has also manifested itself in the economy..

I had studied the EoC and its expressions in social and integral economy for three years before joining the Summer School, but to read books, watch videos and follow the relevant news on Internet is one thing – to spend entire days with entrepreneurs, professors and students of the EoC from the whole world is quite another.

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Last Days of Registration for the Summer School

Fervent preparations are in course in France (and not only there) for the International EoC Summer School at the end of August in Paris: an interview with the organizers.

by Antonella Ferrucci

SS Paris 2014 Organizzatori ridThese are the last days to register for the EoC Summer School 2014 to be held in Paris, from 26 to 31 August. What kind of responses have you received in recent months?

Applications for joining in the event started arriving as early as 17 February (the first applicants were almost predominantly young people from Eastern Europe and the other continents) and have continued to come in steadily in the subsequent months. Although we cannot have more than 50 participants for logistical reasons, and we have received more than 70 requests for registration, we will not be forced to reject any candidates, because some have dropped out as it normally happens in situations like this, some others did not get back to us...

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Fran's Dream: To Change the World

What are the motivations of a young person to dedicate an important space in his life to the Economy of Communion and to live it with passion? Interview with Francisco Buchara

by Carolina Carbonell

Fran Buchara voto tesi rid

We are talking with Francisco Buchara, Fran, as his friends call him. The eldest of six children in his family, born 26 years ago in San Nicolás (Argentina). In 2012 he took part in the 1st International Summer School in Lisbon. Graduated in company administration, he is now responsible for "Productive Development" in the town council of San Nicolás. His entrepreneurial project entitled "Sustainable Hangers" was developed with the help of two other young Argentinians and it won the prize for best Business Plan in a competition organised by several Argentinian institutions. A few months ago he presented his thesis entitled "How to transmit the principles of the Economy of Communion in a company? Through the organisational chart and internal relations"in front of a very serious and demanding jury.

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France, Paris: EoC International Summer School 2014

From 26 to 31 August, 2014: Save the date!

A new economy for a fairer world

Logo SS Paris 2014 new rid26-31 August, 2014
Citadel of Arny
91680 Bruyères-le-Chatel (France, Paris)


If you are a student or a young entrepreneur (from 19 to 35 y.o.); if you are thinking at your professional future; if you believe that a new and humane economy is not only possible but necessary; if you are interested in social economy…, this  Summer School is for you. MEET young people from all over the world; SHARE ideas, concepts, experiences, dreams; CREATE new projects, new relationships, a new vision; CHANGE the world, the economy, starting from the reality around you.

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