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"Building the dream"

August 11th-15th, 2014
Mariapolis El Diamante
Acatzingo, Puebla, México

Half Winged Angels

The young people who participated in the 2014 EoC Summer School in Mexico wanted to conclude their experience with a message that expresses their thoughts. The message is reproduced in full below.

140811-15 SS Mexico 31 ridIs it possible to reach personal self-fulfilment in one's work? Can a business contribute to the solution of social problems?

This week we have experienced the Summer School of the Economy of Communion, and, with the help of experts and entrepreneurs from different countries, we went deep into the various aspects of the theory and practice of the EoC.

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From Puebla: ready to build a dream

The first Mexican EoC Summer School ended on Friday, following the thread of thoughts proposed by the reflections on the new light that emerged around the Economy of Communion at the Mariapoli El Diamante in Puebla.

140811-15 SS Mexico 28 ridby Christopher Jimenez

The last two days of school have been really significant for the exchange of experiences and for setting up new initiatives: activities were characterized by generosity, attentive listening and creativity.

Thursday's session began with an interesting lesson by Galo Pozo that focused on a very specific topic: how to deal with the difficulties that arise in the EoC businesses, in the lives of the entrepreneurs and how to transform them into unique opportunities for growth and improvement.

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Learning from Each Other, in Communion

An account of the second and third days of the 2014 EoC Summer School in Mexico: the adventure continues... 

by Juan José Medeiros

120330-scuola-santa-maria 02 ridThe 2014 EoC Summer School in Mexico goes on with an intense rhythm. The morning of 12th August saw the visit to the Santa Maria School in Actipan in the immediate vicinity of the Little Town of El Diamante. The Santa Maria School is a strong testimony of what the EoC can achieve. Of the 10,000 inhabitants of Actipan, 60% are under the age of twenty. They live off of the fruits of agriculture, but the ground is fertile for only a few months a year, during the rainy season: as a result, there is poverty and unemployment and large families that send even the youngest children to help in the camps. There is also a high illiteracy rate and widespread alcoholism. 23 years ago, after the launch of the EoC in Brazil, some people felt they had to do something for the children of Actipan and they came up with the idea of ​​founding this school that today is frequented by boys and girls of different social and economic conditions, in a harmonious coexistence.

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Puebla: Summer School Mexico 2014 Is On

The first, long-awaited Summer School in Mexico started yesterday, on the very special feast day of Saint Clare.

by Christopher Jiménez

140811-15 SS Mexico 01 ridPuebla, 11 August 2014 - The days of waiting are over in Mexico: from this morning, the Little Town of El Diamante has transformed itself into the buzzing capital of the Economy of Communion in the Americas. In fact, over sixty students, entrepreneurs and experts of the EoC gathered here, coming from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Ecuador, and also from France, Switzerland and Italy.

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Puebla: Summer School Mexico 2014

The EoC Summer School of Mexico will take place from 11th to 15th August gathering interested people from all the American Continent.

Building the dream

Logo Summer Mexico vert August 11th-15th, 2014
Mariapolis El Diamante
Acatzingo, Puebla


The Summer School of Mexico convenes passionate businessmen and students, dreamers from all the corners of the American Continent. They will gather to build and participate in a communion of life and thought that will take them to visit the path of a revolution of the spirit. It is a revolution that changes the lives of entrepreneurs, employees and consumers, and invites us to see the role we want to play in the future of our societies.

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