Summer School Lisbon 2012

"Towards a Bridging Economy"

September 11th-15th, 2012,
Cittadella Arco-íris, Portogallo

Summer School: Participants Wish for Continuity

After having lived an experience of strong communion during the 1st EoC International Summer School, there is a strong desire to see one another again next year in Madrid!

From our correspondent Isaias Hernando


Fado is the best known expression of Portuguese music; it expresses the little (and big) wounds of daily life in a very particular way: through melancholy, and nostalgia. “All this exists; all this is sad; all this is fado” are the words of a well-known fado that is sung at night time in Lisbon restaurants, in the light of a single candle, in a moving silence and unique atmosphere.  The interesting thing is that only Portuguese people seem able to transform wounds in a very singular way, accepting them as part of life, in song, in music, in beauty, passion, and art.  This says much about the personality of this great nation who has much to say and to give to Europe and the world.  For this reason, the program held during the last days of the Summer School foresaw some ‘outings’ in and around Abrigada: not only to hear the fado, but above all to get to know other important realities.

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Bridging: a Hard Work!

Intense activities take place midweek during International  EoC Summer School “Towards a Bridging Economy”.

From our corrispondent Isaias Hernando


The deep, attentive silence is impressive: not an easy thing with 70 young people in the classroom.” Says Luigino Bruni, with a long experience as a university professor

As a matter of fact, the young participants at this Summer School can last over two hours without a sigh during high level academic sessions which require a certain concentration; then they go on after dinner to form work groups to deepen their knowledge on the topics covered, giving the best of themselves when presenting the work done.  Those involved in research projects share their ideas with the others as well.

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The Gift of ‘New eyes’

The very much awaited International EoC Summer School ‘Towards a Bridging Economy’ started today in Abrigada, Portugal.

From our correspondent Isaias Hernando


The little city of Arco-Iris, laying amidst the beautiful hills of Abrigada, near Lisbon, wore her very best today in order to welcome the 70 plus participants of the EoC International Summer School, with the strongest representation made by the younger generation.

After having been greeted by the organizers, the Catholic University of Porto, the EoC Committee of Portugal and the EoC International Committee, a brief presentation of each participant was made:  very diverse young people, both in formation, culture and origin, who offered a great richness of perspectives but also of expectations of the EoC.  Diverse, yes, but with very high expectations:  not one of them made the thousand kilometer journey, spending time and money, if not to draw the most from this opportunity.

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Towards a Bridging Economy: at last!

The much awaited 1st ‘European Summer School’ will take place next week in Portugal

Final Program Available: program

Logo_Summer_Portugal_ridOnly a few days remain before the 1st European Summer School which will be held in the small city of Arco-Iris  near Lisbon, Portugal, from September 11-17.  This school has gone from being European, to inter-continental, with over 80 registrations from the 4 continents and 20 different countries: Spain, France, England, Denmark, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Slovak Republic, Serbia, Macedonia, Syria, Philippines, Thailand, China, Angola, Argentina, Cuba, Brazil, and Portugal.  The majority are young people, from 19 to 32 years of age: students, but also entrepreneurs just starting into business, as well as workers.  The program is available here in its latest version, program. The school may be followed on  Facebook .  We will naturally be giving constant updates on these pages!  Our best wishes for a super work in the making to all the Summer School participants!

1st European EoC Summer School - 'Towards a Bridging Economy": all the news!

1st European EoC Summer School – “Towards a Bridging Economy”: All the news!

Preparations are underway for the Summer School that is taking place from Sept. 11-18 at the little City of Arco-Iris near Lisbon, Portugal.  Here are the latest news.

Logo_Summer_Portugal_rid_modRegistration has re-opened.  June 15, at closing of registrations, the number of those registered exceeded expectations: however, other requests kept arriving and therefore, in order to respond positively, registration was re-opened.  There are only a dozen seats available:  those interested are asked to hurry!  To register you will need to fill out the online form clicking here.

From European to Intercontinental.  As of today, the 70 people registered come from 20 different countries – Spain, France, England, Denmark, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Rep. of Slovakia, Serbia, Macedonia, Syria, Philippines, Thailand, China, Angola, Argentina, Cuba, Brazil, and Portugal.  The greater majority are young students but also entrepreneurs between the ages of 19 – 32, just starting out in the business world, as well as workers. 

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The European EoC Summer School: registration has opened

“Towards a Bridging Economy”

By Iolanda Tovar

Logo_Summer_Portugal_ridThe Summer School “Towards a Bridging Economy” will be held in Portugal in the little town of the Focolare Movement called “Arco-Íris”, close to Lisbon, from 11- 15 September 2012. It is for students and young business people from 19 – 32 years of age who are interested in learning more about the EoC. The registration process is now open: to enrol one can fill out the online form by clicking here:

A Summer School that has emerged in a context that is not lacking in challenges posed by the crisis, felt in an acute manner in European nations; a crisis which, according to Luigino Bruni, shows “above all the need for people to re-find enthusiasm for relationships, to find  creative ways to come together and generate new productive activities, new employment opportunities…” so that “today’s dreams may be directed to production and generating.”

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"Towards a Bridging Economy"

From September 11 – 15, 2012, in Portugal, the First European EoC Summer School

by Iolanda Tovar

Polo_Giosi06_rid"Towards a Bridging Economy" " will be the title and the leitmotiv for the first European EoC Summer School, to be held from September 11 – 15, 2012,  at Mariapolis Arco-Íris, near Lisbon (Portugal).

All students and young entrepreneurs (from 19 - 32 years of age) from all over Europe are invited. The school is organized by the International and Portuguese Commission of the EoC, in collaboration with the Catholic University of Oporto in Portugal. It will be held in English.

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