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From the School of Crotone, a new EoC company

Interview with Amelia Stellino, one of the school participants

From the School of Crotone, a new EoC company

by Antonella Ferrucci

110701_03_TL-com_inaugurazioone_07-ridOn July 3rd in Sila, Lorica, the first cycle of the Mediterranean School of Economics and Civil Communion ended. It was organized by the Diocese of Crotone and Santa Severina, in collaboration with the Economy of Communion and Social Weeks.

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The Mediterranean School of Civil Economy and Economy of Communion is Underway

Promoted by the Archdiocese of Crotone - St. Severina, in collaboration with the Economy of Communion and the support of the Review and Organization Committee of Settimana Sociali dei Cattolici Italiani

The Mediterranean School of Civil Economy and Economy of Communion is Underway

With the convention, "Good wins - Forming oneself through signs that make dreams come true", held last June 5, 2010, in conference hall of Crotone´s Chamber of Commerce, the Mediterranean School of Civil Economy and Economy of Communion became a reality. Around 150 people coming from different parts of Calabria and Sicily took part in the meeting.

The school was strongly encouraged by His Excellency, Mgsr. Domenico Graziani, Archbishop of Crotone - Santa. Severina. It aims at contributing to people´s formation in the culture and governance of businesses and idealistically motivated organizations - those organizations, associations, NGOs, businesses in which the inspiring motive (or that which inspired its creation) is neither primarily profit nor exclusively instrumental elements but an ideal motive, a mission or a "vocation" that, in various ways, arises from the intrinsic motivations of its promoters. It´s a project that considers profit "and instrument for bringing about human and social goals" (Benedict XVI, CIV n.46) and promoting the business as protagonist in creating the common good.

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Mediterranean Economy: a vocation to communion

La prima Scuola Estiva Mediterranea dell'Economia di Comunione e Civile "Emmaus" si è svolta nel cuore della Sila, dal 27 al 30 agosto scorsi

Mediterranean Economy: a vocation to communion

Edited byi Angela D.

esterna_ridThe first Mediterranean summer course on the Economy of Communion and Civil "Emmaus", promoted by the Dioceses of Crotone - Santa Severina and the EOC Commission of Sicily, Calabria and Malta, was held in the beautiful framework of the Great Sila woods.

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Italy - Ostuni (BR), July 7-11, 2010

The "G.Lazzati" Cultural Center for Development of the Catholic University of Milano, Taranto, together with the Economy of Communion, is organizing the first:

Summer School of Civil Economy in Puglia

Civil Economy: Theory, Business and Lifestyles

July 7-11, 2010
"Villa Specchia"
C.da Scopinaro, 11
72017 Ostuni (BR)

The first Summer School of Civil Economy is open to youth who wants to know more about a different way of living economy and business, in the light of the best Italian and European tradition. The Summer School is residential and is limited to 30 participants. It is aimed towards youth from 20 to 30 years old who are seriously motivated in delving into the course´s topics and sharing in its goals. The following topics will be addressed during the school: The civil entrepreneur, The economy of communion, Social economy, Business and social cooperation, Critical and responsible consumption, Ethical finance, Governance and management of civil and social businesses.

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Italy - Croce di Magara (CS), 27-30/08/2009

First Mediterranean Summer School on the Economy of Communion and Civil "Emmaus"

Even our Mediterranean economy, often tired and disillusioned, can rediscover, starting from its Christian roots and from its vocation to communion, the desire and enthusiasm for a new springtime.

Logo_Diocesi_CrotoneSummer School Workshop
27-30 August 2009

Magara Hotel & Residence
Via Fallistro s.n.
87052 Croce di Magara (CS)

Promoting Committee: Diocese of Crotone and the Economy of Communion of Calabria and Sicily
Scientific Director: Prof. Luigino Bruni - University of Milan-Bicocca
Presenters: Mons.Domenico Graziani, Luigino Bruni, Alberto Frassineti, Irene Giordano, Eva Gullo, Vittorio Pelligra

The invitation is directed towards all students and young (or less young) entrepreneurs and workers who wish to deepen economy, both theoretical and practical, in the light of the Economy of Communion and of the Italian civil economy. 

To register contact Don Franco Lonetti: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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