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Cittá Nuova, a bi-weekly opinion magazine, began in 1956. It is an expression of the Focolare Movement, on which it reports current news items in the social, cultural and economic fields.


Loppiano, economic laboratory

An interview with Vittorio Pelligra on the upcoming Loppiano Lab

Loppiano, economic laboratory

By Violetta Conti 
Published on on 10/09/2010

Economy, culture and education. These are the areas around which the reflections, ideas and experimentation will revolve during four days of meetings, exposition of businesses and round tables open to individuals, businesses, associations and other entities that will participate in Loppiano Lab, from September 16-19, 2010.

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The Greek Crisis and We Consumers

The Hellenic situation is a warning for other nations: the crisis which began in 2007 continues, and the risk is that it will extend. "No kind of alarmism immediately begins to modify consumption and lifestyle," says Alessandra Smerilli, professor of political economy.

The Greek Crisis and We Consumers

By Maddalena Maltese
Published on on 30/04/2010

A sigh of relief was breathed after Germany agreed on the aid program for Greece - now on the edge of economical and financial failure. But these buffers are not the radical solution needed to the crisis that has enveloped the world economy since 2007. We spoke with Alessandrao Smerilli, professor of economy at the Pontifical University Auxilium of Rome. 

Let´s analyze Greece´s situation...
Greece finds itself in a state of bankruptcy, that is, its public spending is out of control, and it is not capable of fulfilling its international commitments. It cannot pay back it debts and this has repercussions on markets and on investors. Some responsibility undoubtedly falls on the government for not having tightened spending by taking unpopular measures, like the usually cuts in healthcare and social services. Fearing protests, it acted very late and did not take drastic action, as ought to be done in these cases. On the other hand, Europe is also responsible, because it did not intervene right away for electoral reasons. 

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The Eoc in the light of the...Sun (Sole 24 Ore)

The "24 Hour Sun" (Sole 24 Ore) dedicated a long article to the Lionello Industrial Park of Loppiano last April 3. An interview with the author.

The Eoc in the light of the...Sun (Sole 24 Ore)

By Chiara Andreola

Published on on 9/04/2010

That it holds academic dignity is already a well-known fact: from the honorary degrees given to Chiara Lubich, to the work of economists like Luigino Bruni and Stefano Zamagni, to the citations in the encyclical Caritas in Veritate - the Economy of Communion is already, for some time now, object of growing attention and study in the economic world. What´s perhaps missing is corresponding attention by the media. But now, even the biggest Italian economic daily newspaper, Il Sole 24 Ore (The 24 Hour Sun), landed at the Lionello Bonfante Industrial Park in Loppiano (Florence, Italy), with journalist Paolo Bricco. Last April 3, the newspaper of the General Confederation of Italian Industry dedicated a long article to this productive operation, in which 25 businesses work according to the principles of the EoC. How Bricco arrived to the shores of the Arno river, he tells us himself, "First of all, my wife is part of the Focolare Movement, and she introduced me to this reality. But there is also an intellectual reason (I came), because I deal with the history of economic theories."

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François Neveux, Entrepreneur and Inventor

Cittá Nuova Publishers presents the first Italian translation of this book. It is the profile of a man who knew how to invest courageously. Destination: Brazil.

François Neveux, Entrepreneur and Inventor

By Maria Grazia Baroni
Published on on 18/03/2010 

Alphonse de Lamartine, a 17th century writer, said, "Utopias are nothing but premature truth", which is difficult to avoid if one lives his existence for others, as did François Neveux.

Born in France, in 1936, he soon established himself in the entrepreneurial field and as a patent inventor (with a good 35 inventions). Up to this point, this is nothing out of the ordinary. He was a man with a shining career, like that of many businessmen if it wasn´t for the way he acted towards clients, employees and even the competition, putting the person at the center of the job.

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The person in the first place

The problem of employment has even strongly found it´s way into the Pope´s latest Angelus. What proposals can be made to react to the crisis? Three questions for Alberto Ferrucci, director of EoC Online.

The person in the first place

By Chiara Andreola
Published on on 1/02/2010

Alberto_FerrucciThe question of work continues to be central in the Italian political, economic and social panorama. Names like Eutelia, Fiat and Alcoa have appeared in the first pages of newspapers for some time already, sad testimonies of more vast employment problems. Even the pope, in the Angelus on Sunday, January 31, faced up to the question, making specific references to the workers of the businesses in question who are present at Saint Peter´s Square. Calling everyone back to "a sense of responsibility" in front of the crisis, he associated these examples with the recent recall by the CEI (Central European Initiative) to guarantee work that isadequate to sustain families. It was a call that arrived exactly the day before the publication of the data on unemployment made by Eurostat, the offical statistics of the European Union. Unemployment percentages are rising all over Europe, reaching 22.8% in Lituania and even 19.5 percent in Spain, until recently shown as land of the new economic miracle. How can we interpret these data, and what should be proposed in front of such a dark picture? We speak with Alberto Ferucci, head director of EoC Online - Newsletter of the Economy of Communion.

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The Encyclical and a "Fraternal" Market

Interview with Stefano Zamagni

The Encyclical and a "Fraternal" Market

by Paolo Lòriga
Published in Città Nuova n.15/2009

Stefano Zamagni, professor of political economy at the University of Bologna, Italy, is a consultant of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, the consulting body that follows the themes addressed by "Caritas in veritate".

Which do you consider as "Caritas in veritate´s" most innovative point?

"A first point is the invitation to overcome the separation between the economic and social spheres. In the last three centuries, modernity has left us a model of society which is based on the economic sphere, on one hand, and the social sphere on the other. The economic sphere has an iron-like logic which does not answer to other opinions, to the point that we say "business is business" – compensations occur in the social sphere. That is to say, the social sphere has to provide everything that the market economy typical of capitalism isn’t capable of producing on the plane of justice and equity. Let’s not forget that the welfare state, the social state, is son of this logic of separation. Eighth century thought, and especially 9th century thought - whether on the liberal or statist side of politics - does not alter that model.  Well, Benedict XVI´s encyclical tells us that this is an old way of thinking, because we´ve entered in the post-industrial society and therefore the social element must enter inside the economic one, not at its margin or following it. It’s a notable innovation that can allow the market to go back to being an instrument of civilization, of relationships, and of generative structures."

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Economy and common wealth

Economy and common wealth

Benedetto Gui
published on Città Nuova n. 21/2008link.gif

A book by Stefano Zamagni bring forth a very timely concept.

in the way of thinking of the majority of the experts, and of common people as well, what's at stake in the economy is a sort of big pie made of food, apparel, movie tickets, or hair cuts, that people first produce and then consume. And, as we all known, what I eat, or wear, can not be eaten, nor worn by you. On  that seat  (at the movie theater or at the barber's) at that time, either me or you can sit, but not both of us. In other words, my consumption is mine and your consumption is yours. In the reality, we are not separated at all

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Where they endeavor for development

In the Brazilian Northeast

Where they endeavor for development

Benedetto Gui

published on Città Nuova n. 22/2008link.gif
benedetto_gui.jpgsome meaningful realizations of a community that gets busy to allow the growth of its unwealthiest members.

Edson's off road drives at 50 mph grazing two curtains of leaves that in this season invade the bumpy road that from the town of Redençao goes to Vazantes, a village of approximately two thousand people.

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Thank you on behalf of the less advantaged and the business people

Today, 14 March 2012, is the fourth anniversary of Chiara Lubich’s passing, the founder in 1991 of the Economy of Communion project. To remember her, we are publishing an article-letter printed in Città Nuova on 25 March 2008, never posted on the EoC site.

 By Luigino Bruni

Chiara_Lubich_3_rid_sx"Dear Chiara, first of all, thank you on behalf of the less advantaged, of the business people, of the workers in all of the Economy of Communion: with your intuition back in 1991, you opened up to all of us a way to happiness, to freedom and justice within ordinary economic affairs.

The economy is one of the spheres where your charism has brought more fruit. You dedicated a lot of attention, time and energy to it. You gave life to a new economy, starting from the poor, from your children that you saw in the favelas of Sau Paulo, who inspired you to live communion as a way to establish the economy, a normal way for all.

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The economy of giving

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«Unlike the consumerist economy, based on a culture of having, the economy of communion is the economy of giving.... 

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