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Twenty years of EoC, Brazil, May 25-29, 2011...

Twenty years of the EoC in Brazil was an important anniversary, not just for evaluating the past, but mostly in looking towards the future, the next twenty years, from 2011 to 2031. On this page, we want to give you an account of the two important events that took place on this occasion: 

The International EoC Assembly "Protagonists today of a new economy", from May 25-28, 2011 - Mariapolis Ginetta (Vargem Grande Paulista), and the concluding even on  May 29, 2011 - Hall of the Latin America Memorial (Sao Paulo) - "The Prophecy makes history. Twenty years of the Economy of Communion".

Here, you can find all the content available on www.edc-online.org: surveys, texts of the interventions, videos and articles.

Our hope towards 2031

Logo_Brasile_2011_SPaolo_rid2Luigino Bruni's Conclusions - San Paolo, May 29, 2011

by Luigino Bruni

110529_SPaolo_Bruni_ridWe returned to San Paolo where Chiara had the first inspiration, to allow these places to change us. In the history of peoples, especially in the history of the action of the Holy Spirit, places are significant; geography has the same importance as history. If someone wants to know in depth the charism of St. Francis, sooner or later they have to go to Assisi; if you want to meet and understand Martin Luther King Jr., you have to spend time with African-Americans. In the same way, if you want to know and understand the EOC, sooner or later in your lifetime, you need to come to San Paolo. This is where 20 years ago, a woman, looking at this city, gave life to the EOC, where today we find a network that is growing to embrace the entire world.

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Speaking of economics and converting to love

We asked Sr. Alessandra Smerilli, of the Salesian order, and a member of the organizing committee of the Social Week, her impressions on her experience in Brazil.

Speaking of economics and converting to love

Alessandra, you’ve had some very strong impressions from the experience in Brazil. Can you share some of them with us?


Coming back from Brazil I had one recurring thought: the EoC has not lost its mark in history. Rather, it is proving to be a real lighthouse for the whole world. Hearing how the themes resounded with different notes yet all in harmony truly made an impression on me. I believe that this is typical of the work of God. Even the fact that it talks about economics demonstrates that it is indeed a work of God. And the people are converted to love. During the breaks and in times it was possible to exchange ideas and share experiences, I heard many people including entrepreneurs, scholars, students, etc. saying they understood that they had to love more. They all said they could do something more. Everyone felt this desire to give everything. 

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The EoC towards 2031

Logo_Brasile_2011_rid2On May 28 Luigino Bruni gives the conclusions to the EoC Assembly. Below are the highlights of the content of his presentation.

The EoC towards 2031

by Luigino Bruni


As we approach the end of this Assembly, we are now ready to experience the next phase of San Paolo -- the 20th anniversary celebration day of the EoC. 
With our hearts filled with gratefulness, it might be opportune to ask ourselves what EoC has emerged from the work, the experiences, the exchanges, the many formal and informal moments which we have lived together, in this special event of grace built together. In this presentation, I would like to highlight some of the finer points of what has transpired. 

see presentation


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From the street to the market

From the risk of delinquency to the risk of business. Underage protagonists in an expanding purse production business. This is the account shared at the EoC assembly underway in Sao Paulo.

From the street to the market

By Paolo Lòriga

It's not located in the busiest part of the expo of 650 participants of the Economy of Communion Assembly, but it is the most crowded stand during the breaks from the working groups. They sell women's purses, jackets, and women's clothing. Everyone can see the success they had in attracting visitors (which also seem to be customers).

The lines of artisan products are a mix of quality and modern design, with nice original touches, just as is the origin of the raw materials used: tarps from trucks that are no longer in use, scraps of leather and jeans that would not be used in any other way, used out of ecological consciousness. But these are not the only typical characteristic of this young business. No, it's not the main characteristic, because the employees and underage youth or barely over 18 have also come from difficult situations.

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Applying the principles of the EoC from a Microfinance perspective


Panel 2 "Development and Poverty", May 27, 2011. A report on the whole presentation by Teresa Ganzon, CEO of Bangko Kabayan, Philippines

Applying the principles of EoC from a Microfinance persepective

by Teresa Ganzon


One of the most popular interventions in the field of poverty and development today is microfinance. It has gained popularity especially after its foremost proponent, Mohammed Yunus, alongside the bank he had established, the Grameen Bank, were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006for their efforts to create social and economic development from below”.


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The challenges of development and poverty from the perspective of communion

Logo_Brasile_2011_rid2The main presentation to the EoC Assembly on Poverty and Development, given on May 27, was entrusted to Genevieve Sanze. Here is the entire text of that intervention.

The challenges of development and poverty from the perspective of communion

By Geneviève Sanze

I want to begin with a premise about a frequently used word, in Africa and in the whole world. This word is development. In relationship to this word, development, I'll speak about two other key words: poverty and communion. And we'll look at both development and poverty from the viewpoint of communion.
The word "development" and the classification of "developed" and "underdeveloped" made their way into the geopolitical scene near the end of the 1940s. It was a new terminological opposition, but one which seemed natural at the time.

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The experience of live streaming!

People interested in the EoC throughout the world followed the live streaming of the Assembly and the concluding convention. Many were the positive echoes...and a few behind-the-scenes episodes.

The experience of live streaming!

By Antonella Ferrucci

It was a little bit of a challenge to think of how it would be possible for everyone to participate in the EoC Assembly and the final convention of the 20th anniversary meeting through live streaming. We didn't begin with the best conditions. Nothing similar had ever been done at Mariapolis Ginetta, and at the Latin American Memorial everything had to be built from the ground up, as there was no Internet access already available, but we got geared up and began to run trial connections.  


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Speak loudly about the Economy of Communion

During his visit to the International Assembly of the EoC taking place in Brazil, the Cardinal of Sao Paulo made a convinced invitation. The EoC is an instrument of a new evangelization.

Speak loudly about the Economy of Communion

By correspondent Paolo Lòriga

"Speak! Speak loudly! Have courage to speak about the EoC, even to the important economists of the world. Maybe they won't give you credit right away, but since this is a reality based on the truth of this, it will affirm itself with time." The Archbishop of Sao Paulo, Card. Odilo Scherer couldn't have said it better in order to spur on and encourage everyone present at the International Assembly of the EoC, taking place in Mariapolis Ginetta, 50 kilometers outside the Brazilian metropolis.

"I wanted to come here," he confided to the 650 participants, coming from 37 countries, "to get a feel for how this meeting is going, to see you all and to say something to incentivate you and encourage the work of this initiative." He explained right away, saying, "Yours in an event that proposes something new for society. It isn't new for you, because you're in it, but for the wide public it is new."

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The Crucible of EoC Entrepreneurship

Panel 1 "Entrepreneur and business", May 26, 2011. We report the entire presentation by John Gallagher, Professor of Management at the University of Maryville, TN - USA

The Crucible of EoC Entrepreneurship 

John Gallagher

I should like to begin my remarks about the future and a vision for the Economy of Communion by first focusing on the entrepreneur. For in some ways the challenges facing the entrepreneur are the challenges facing the EOC.  The entrepreneur occupies a unique social role. In their wonderful new book, Thomas Masters and Amy Uelmen write about living the spirituality of unity in the United States. And at one point, they suggest that “Focolare members live shoulder to shoulder with family, friends, and neighbors in urban, suburban, and rural communities, immersed in the challenges of everyday life…”1

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EoC, Back to the Future

One-thousand seven hundred people gathered in Sao Paolo for the concluding convention of the Assembly. The youth launched a plan for the future, taking stock and making prospects. Bruni: "Now we need to jump into the future."

EoC, Back to the Future

By Paolo Loriga, correspondent

Published on cittanuova.it on 31/05/2011

Economy towards the future. Seventeen young people from various parts of the planet read the message they wrote in their own languages - "From Sao Paulo to the world" - an out-and-out work plan, "that the economy of 2031 be one of communion, for us and for all." It was a polite but revolutionary program for a different international economic system. It's the sign of that in which they believe, in which they dare to hope, but it's also the result of a journey begun. 

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The Importance of Working in and for Communion in the EoC

Panel 1 "Entrepreneur and business", May 26, 2011. We report the entire intervention by John Mundell, president of Mundell & Associates

The Importance of Working in and for Communion in the Economy of Communion

By John A. Mundell

What I want to share today are some practical perspectives on the Economy of Communion that may be of special interest to my fellow EoC business owners here at this meeting. If someone would ask each of us: “How does an EoC business operate?” they would likely get a slightly different answer from each owner. This was one of the dilemmas we faced when we began writing the new General Guidelines for Operating an Economy of Communion Business that we will discuss in the next several days in our afternoon working groups.

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