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Master in Economics and Health Management: Registration until 1 September 2011

The Faculty of Economics of the University of Swiss Italian organized:

Master of Advanced Studies in Economics and Heal Management: registration until 1 September 2011

Logo_Net-MegsThe seventh edition of the Master’s Degree in “Economics and Health Management,” organized by the University 
of Swiss Italian, begins this October (60 credits).

The Master, directed by Luca Crivelli and Stepehen Calciolari, is structured into modules organized over a period of 3-4 days and will have a total duration of two years. For 24 months it provides the opportunity to do a paid work experience (1500-1800 euros per month) in a health facility in the canton. Applications must be received by September 1st.

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Course in Economy, Ethics and Finance

logo_filosofiaUPSThe Philosophy Department of the Salesian University is promoting the first:
Course in Economy, Ethics and Finance

Course in Economy, Ethics and Finance

Thursday, February 18, 2010, corresponding to the beginning of the second semester of 2009/2010 academic year, the first course in Economy Ethics and Finance (FA0333, 5 ECTS) will officially begin, held at the Pontifical Salesian University of Rome. Lessons will be held on Thursday afternoons from 15:00 - 17:30.

Professors are: Mons. Mario Toso (Secretary of the Pontifical Commission for Justice and Peace); Prof. Alessandra Smerilli (Professor of Political Economy at the Pontifical Department of Educational Science, "Auxilium" of Rome); Prof. Luigino Bruni (Professor of Political Science at the University of Studies Milano-Bicocca and at Sophia University Institute in Loppiano, Florence); Dr. Antonio Fazio (already Governor of the Bank of Italy and honorary doctorate in Moral and Social Theology at the Pontifical Salesian University of Rome).

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Specialization in Civil Economy and Non Profit 2009-2010

Specialized Course in Civil Economy and Non Profit: Registration Deadline Extended until February 5, 2010

Embark in the world of non-profit

University of Milano-Bicocca - 2009-2010 Academic Year

BicoccaObjectives: This specialization is geared towards young graduates who want to prepare themselves to work in the Third Sector and to workers who want to deepen their competence in management of non-profits, particularly social cooperatives, NGOs and associations.

The specialization course hopes to offer specific training with respect to civil economy and the management aspects related to NGOs (administration and management, juridical administration, project development and human resources). Candidates will find themselves in an economic science that incorporates ethical and social values.

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Announcing the Specialization Course in Civil Economy 2011-2012

The specialization course in Civil Economics and Non Profit will begin on November 2011

Engaging in non profit

University of Milan Bicocca - Academic Year 2011-2012


The Specialization Course in Civil Economics and Non Profit will again be offered by the University of Milan Bicocca this year. The director of the said program is Luigino Bruni.

The course will be held from November 2011 until July 2012. A big part of the course will cover studies on the Civil Economy and Communion. Among the resource people are  Pierluigi Porta, Stefano Zamagni, Luigino Bruni, Marco Aquini, Giampietro Parolin, Alberto Frassineti and many others. Application can be made online by presenting an admission request. Detailed instructions can be found on the announcement. The deadline of application is on September 15, 2011.

download announcement (deadline 15/09/2011)

see course brochure 
see course link on the website of Bicocca

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Master of Advanced Studies

The Italian Switzerland University promotes the Masters of Advanced Studies in  "Economy and management in the health and social sanitation sector" link.gif (Second Level).

The course (60 credits in two years, along with a working experience) has an interdisciplinary character and is aimed at both professionals and youth who have already obtained a specialized degree in various spheres (economy, management, medicine, law, engineering) and nurture an interest for the health and social sector. Alongside the Masters are 12 working positions, in active Italian Swiss institutions, based on a biennial contract that provides compensation which covers the expenses of the Masters and living/housing costs.


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WiG-Bericht 2012-2013

Cover Report 2012-13 rid mod

Die von Gian Maria Bidone im Namen der WiG-Zentralkommission zusammengetragenen Daten sind detailliert in Englisch veröffentlicht (EoC Report 2012-2013) und beziehen sich auf die Berichtsperiode Oktober 2012 bis September 2013.

Führungslinien für Betriebe der WiG

Binari_rid_modDie Wirtschaft in Gemeinschaft  (WiG) empfiehlt den Betrieben, die sich ihre Ziele und Wirtschaftskultur zu Eigen machen, die folgenden „Führungslinien eines Betriebes“. Sie entstanden aus dem Leben, aus Freud und Leid vieler Tausend Unternehmer und Mitarbeiter weltweit...

Sophia 2013: Video


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